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Our team comes with advanced locksmith knowledge such as duplicating and lock repair. To learn more about locks, read the list of frequently asked questions below.

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My locks are not damaged, but old. Should I replace them?

Whether you should replace the door locks or not depends on their durability. Chances are that if the locks are old, they won't be as reliable and resistant as new security door locks. Our technicians can check them out and help you decide, but it's usually best to replace the locks of main doors every few years.

What is the master key system?

The master lock is a system of multiple locks, which open by two keys. One key belongs to the tenant of each apartment for example and the other key is kept by the superintendent. The tenant's key opens only his house; the superintendent's key is the master key and opens the apartments of all tenants.

Why won’t my door lock and unlock easily?

Check to see if you can easily operate the lock when the door is open. If so, the problem lies with the alignment of the lock and the door frame. Check if anything might be stuck in the door frame. Check to see whether your door frame has warped or become twisted. Keep in mind that wooden doors and frames will warp and swell in warm and humid weather, and that metal doors can rust or twist as they age.

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